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Not Just Another Walk in the Park

 Photos from 2010 Alzheimer’s Walk ‘Team Lady’

Guest Writer: Chelsey Orr

Alzheimer’s disease affects many individuals and their families, but often gets overlooked because it progresses slowly and its victims can survive many years with it. Just because these victims can live with the degenerating disease does not mean that the impact it has on the individual and their family is any less than those who suffer from cancer or heart disease.

            My mother, Lady Leah, has accomplished so much in her lifetime. Whether it was through her many friendships or her creative imagination, she could bring a smile to anyone’s face. She always put her best foot forward and truly brought life and enjoyment to every ballet she created and that we still enjoy to this day.

            In an extremely tragic turn of events, this wonderful “Lady” that worked so hard and had such an incredible imagination, ended up with this horrible disease. It is sobering to think of this beautiful woman and her equally beautiful mind being struck with such a horrible fate.

            When something this tragic hits so close to home, the need and desire for action becomes much clearer. It is for Lady Leah and the millions of others that are affected by this disease that we are raising awareness and funds to help cure Alzheimer’s and keep it from being the “Forgotten Disease!”

            For more info on the Alzheimer’s Walk and the group set up for Lady Leah join our facebook group at!/groups/231518163536443?ap=1 or contact: Chelsey Orr (337) 304-0059