Lake Charles Civic Ballet

Lake Charles Civic Ballet Assemblé 2014: Transition from Cellist to Composer

This is the second installment in our Assemblé 2014 blog series. Performances are March 22 & 23 at the Rosa Hart Theatre. Watch for tickets sales information coming soon!

By Danley Romero, Jr.

LCCB Assemblé 2014 Danley Romero, Jr.The majority of my training as a cellist has involved performing pieces composed by others.  Creating music for the ballet, music that will accompany the narration of The Tortoise and His Hair, was a little outside of my comfort zone — but was also really cool.  Composing music spontaneously with others is not my element, as anyone who has seen me at “jam sessions” undoubtedly knows.  When I got stuck composing my share of the ballet’s piece, my sister/co-performer Theresa Romero, co-performer Thomas Townsley and my Dad all helped me pull through, and to them I’m very grateful.  Once my part began to take shape I felt much better about the whole piece.

My Dad had written the melody of the piece a few years ago and thought it would be a good fit for the book. After teaching me the basic melody, Theresa and Thomas joined in and came up with their own parts.  I’d love to boast that I came up with my own part in the wink of an eye, but in truth it was a group effort. LCCB Assemblé 2014 Theresa Romero

Theresa and Thomas are both students at Loyola University in New Orleans, so finding the time to practice was difficult.  Over their Thanksgiving break we met with Lady Holly and Eloise Huber and performed our piece while Lady Holly narrated The Tortoise and His Hair.  Lady Holly had a few suggestions and the piece needed slight adjustments and some additions, but by the end of our meeting everything was mixing together beautifully.  LCCB Assemblé 2014 Thomas TownsleyWe were all pleased with our progress and it was a really enjoyable experience.  Over the Christmas break we recorded the piece for the ballerinas to practice with, and we’re all really excited to get to perform alongside them this spring.  It will be amazing: music, dance, and literature all coming together to create one spectacular event.

Danley Romero Jr, Theresa Romero and Thomas Townsley by Romero and Romero Photography