Lake Charles Civic Ballet

Lake Charles Civic Ballet Assemblé 2014: Sharing the Stage

This is the ninth installment in our Assemblé 2014 blog series. LCCB guest artist Colten Miller shares the stage with his dad, Chris Miller, for Louisiana Saturday Night. Tickets are now on sale and are available at the Civic Center Box Office or See Assemblé 2014 March 22 and 23 at Rosa Hart Theatre!

By Colten Miller

Being that my dad was my high school choir director, I’m used to taking direction from him. But now Chris Miller 2 guestwe’re sharing the stage and both taking direction for Lady Holly Kaough for Assemblé 2014. Chris Miller & Bayou Roots is returning to accompany LCCB with homegrown, upbeat, and engaging music for the Cajun-French ballet, Louisiana Saturday Night, in which I’ll be participating as one of the dancers. This is the one piece of the whole Assemblé program where the dancers can “let loose” and enjoy their surrounding environment.


The ballet opens up with the company members enjoying a “fais-do-do” with the live band jamming out on the porch of the quaint house, designed by Fred Stark. The ballet continues with familiar favorites such as “Jolie Blonde,” “Colinda,” “Don’t Mess With My Toot Toot,” and of course, “Louisiana Saturday Night,” just to name a few. Seeing the dancers mold to this indigenous music and still maintain the grace and beauty of ballet provides a picturesque and tasteful experience for the audience. This is something that you don’t want to miss!

IMG_6895-2The stories that my dad has of previous performances with LCCB are quite entertaining. For instance, back when LCCB performed Louisiana Saturday Night in 1996, there was a technical glitch that caused the keyboard to shutdown right before Marie (the keyboard is the ONLY instrument used for this pas de deux).  Shortly after the realization that the keyboard wasn’t working, the band quickly moved on to the next number in the ballet. Soon after that, the black traveler curtain starts to frantically move across that stage—it was Lady Leah briskly pulling it toward the band. Once she got closer to the band, she whisper-yelled,  “We skipped Marie, we skipped Marie- Just sing it Chris, just sing it!” So, once the next dance was over, my dad had to sing Marie acapella- no instruments were used. “You could hear a pin drop” mom said, who was sitting in the audience. But of course, the trained dancers performed flawlessly and the show went on.

I’m more than excited to be performing Louisiana Saturday Night with my dad for Assemblé 2014. It is a rare occasion when we get to share the stage together and I can’t wait to see this ballet come to life this weekend.


Colten Miller head shot by Danley Romero