Lake Charles Civic Ballet

Lake Charles Civic Ballet Assemblé 2014: New Work

By Evette Ange

Assemble 2014 hits the stage March 22 and 23! Here’s the first installment in a blog series previewing the rich offerings of this year’s production.

LCCB Assemblé 2014

Holding true to its name, Assemblé 2014 will unite not only the classic ballet of Cinderella and the broadway medley of Fosse, but will also debut the children’s tale The Tortoise and His Hair. Lake Charles author, Eloise Huber, created the story as a gift to her three sons, who will now have the opportunity to see their story come to life on stage under the choreography and direction of Lady Holly Hathaway Kaough.  A twist on the Aesop fable, this delightful story celebrates the uniqueness and individuality of each person.

LCCB Assemblé 2014 New Work

The entire piece is set in motion by an original score composed by Danley Romero, Sr. (also LCCB’s photographer) and arranged by Theresa Romero, Thomas Townsley, and Danley Romero, Jr. Theresa is a music composition major at Loyola University in New Orleans; Thomas is majoring in marketing at Loyola; and Danley, Jr. performs with the Bulber Youth Orchestra. The trio will be performing the music live on stage during the production. Adding to the visual richness will be sets created by Fred Stark. This collaborative new work is sure to entertain all and add to the extensive repertoire of Lake Charles Civic Ballet.

Photo features Sarah Beth Stewart, LCCB Demi-Soloist, by Romero and Romero Photography