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Lake Charles Civic Ballet Assemblé 2014: A House with Two Dancers

This seventh installment in our Assemblé 2014 blog series shows the true meaning of “Assemblé”- to come together. Heather Ieyoub tells us how it has been having her husband and daughter “come together” to perform in Cinderella for Assemblé 2014. Tickets are now on sale and are available at the Civic Center Box Office or . See Assemblé 2014 March 22 and 23 at Rosa Hart Theatre!

By Heather Ieyoub
family-1Since my daughter was 3 years old, I’ve driven her to ballet every week. I’ve watched her grow from a cute little toddler who always looked for her “x” on the stage before she’d start dancing to being a graceful young lady who gets lost in the music when she performs. I have been the only other person in our house who has shared her love of ballet, but now that has changed. I thought the highlight of this year would be Gambrelle getting her pointe shoes, but it was something much more special! Her biggest fan (after me, of course) will be sharing the stage with her in Assemble’ 2014 Cinderella. Gambrelle’s daddy will play one of the ugly step-sisters. Now, anyone who knows John KNOWS there is NOTHING ugly about him! He is more comfortable dressed as Elvis than surrounded by ballerinas. It took quite a few promises of guilt-free golf, back rubs, and controlling the remote to get him to agree BUT he did! Surprisingly, he has enjoyed every minute.

Now I watch my husband and daughter drive off together on their way to ballet rehearsal. She is all smiles, and when they return they have a new secret language that only members of the Cinderella cast are privy to. They laugh at things that happened during rehearsal, and she gives him pointers on how to be more “lady-like”. My heart swells because I know this is something she will remember forever!


I’ll be honest: my husband “appreciates” the ballet and he always attends our daughter’s performances, but he has never been a “fan” until now. He comes home sore from lengthy rehearsals and laments that he never knew how tough dancing could be. He marvels at Lady Holly’s passion and vision. He is amazed at how many people on stage and behind the scenes must come together to make a project of this size possible. It’s been fun to watch him arrive at this realization.

When you watch Cinderella this spring keep this in mind: A father and his daughter are sharing the stage and making memories of a lifetime. More people than you can imagine have worked countless hours so that you can get lost in the beauty that is ballet. Many children have given up hours of playing outside, watching television, or playing video games to learn and rehearse steps until they are perfect. And, a man who never thought much of ballet bought his first pair of dance shoes and learned how to do a “perfect” pirouette!


Heather Ieyoub is a Lake Charles native. She is News Director, Anchor & Writer of FOX29 News Express.  
John Ieyoub is a native of Lake Charles and is the son of Kalil Ieyoub and Julie Ann Miller. He is the COO of Workforce Medical Center.






Headshot by Danley Romero