Lake Charles Civic Ballet

Cinderella Photo Shoot

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“Once Upon A Time” …the phrase we all relate to as part of our childhood.  What wonderful memories of reading fairy tales and dreaming of being the characters portrayed in “happily ever after”.  For Lake Charles Civic Ballet dancers, the characters WILL come to life as LCCB brings back to the stage an LCCB original production, Cinderella.  Plans are underway to bring this fairy tale to life not only for the dancers but also for the audience as they experience this fairy tale live March 22 & 23,  2014.  LCCB’s set designer, Fred Stark, worked his magic rejuvenating the pumpkin carriage for last months photo shoot.  His artistic ability to translate the beauty of a fairy tale carriage to one set for the stage is amazing.  The carriage is just one of the many projects Fred has in store for the production.

As a former Cinderella of LCCB, last month’s photo shoot brought back wonderful memories.  What a blessing it is to have a local classical ballet non-profit company whose mission is “To provide a complete theatre experience with a emphasis on classical dance training and performance in Louisiana, as a creative outlet for Louisiana choreographers, composers and artists, and as a means of building the audience for dance in our region.”  LCCB truly lives up to its mission!  I watched in amazement as the carriage was positioned and Artistic Director, Lady Holly Hathaway, began directing the dancers for the photos.  She imitated what she wanted them to do and she talked them through each frame.  The dancers had a blast!  Danley Romero of Romero & Romero Photography, LCCB photographer, captured the fairy tale! Danley walked the entire property with Lady Holly exploring each angle..stooping…standing…what an artistic talent Danley is working hard to capture both his and Lady Holly’s artistic style through a single snap shot.

Special thanks to Lisa and Dwaine Ellender of Chateau de Bon Reve for graciously allowing LCCB on their beautiful property.  Chatau de Bon Reve is not only their home but also includes a banquet hall complete with a commercial sized kitchen, bride and groom dressing areas, restrooms, etc.  This was no doubt the best place to capture the fairy tale, Cinderella, as produced by LCCB.

Donita Helms