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Chargois – Day 1

LCCB’s Katelyn Chargois created a blog to share her summer experiences with young dancers who may be considering summer training.


LCCB The Ballet blog Chargois - Day 1

It looks like Katelyn’s senior trip started with some travel problems–bad weather, flight delays and boredom, but she made the best of her situation. An early morning nap, her favorite music, and a good book helped pass the time at the airport. Once she arrived at her destination safely, those earlier problems disappeared quickly.


LCCB The Ballet - Day 1

Flight delays can happen so plan ahead. Pack the right things to help pass the time during a delay. A smart phone with earbuds can be the perfect tool, but a laptop, ipad, noise deafening earphones, and a Kindle are popular options as well. Multiple devices can help save your phone’s battery for more important things, like an emergency phone call.


LCCB The Ballet blog Chargois - Day 1

You can by-pass some delays and travel expenses by careful packing. Make an itenerary for each day of your trip and plan your travel wardrobe around your activities. Carry-on bags can save you time and money, but if you’re heading out on a 5 – 6 week intensive you may need to check a large bag. Dancers must pack their dance ‘gear’ just like any athlete, and additional clothing for free time and evening activities. You can use your packing itenerary to help keep you on track during your trip, too. Preparation can make a huge difference in your experience so take the time and plan well.


LCCB The Ballet blog Chargois - Day 1

Katelyn will spend her first week of summer intensive training in New York City. Prior to her trip, Katelyn researched the classes and instructors scheduled at Steps on Broadway. She also found evening activities that would compliment her training, such as Broadway and NYC Ballet performances. Most summer intensives offer additional activities to fill your time outside the studio. Theses activities may come at an additional fee, but they can compliment your summer intensive training.


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