Lake Charles Civic Ballet

Assemblé 2015 Who’s Who and What’s What: “Tales from the Prairie”

“Tales from the Prairie” featuring the Barbe High School Mixed Chorus under the direction of Chris Miller



Grace Helms, Adam Richard & Sara Beth Stewart

LCCB is thrilled to be collaborating with Chris Miller for the second season in a row. This year he shares with us the award winning Barbe High Mixed Chorus, excerpts from Oklahoma, a new medley he composed, and God Bless America as we pay tribute to the American Prairie.


Chris Miller 2 guest

Chris Miller

The medley composed by Chris Miller combines three elements to create a blend of the sounds of
Sunday morning on the prairie. First, the Heleluyan chant is a Muscogee (Creek) tune. This Native American tribe currently resides in Oklahoma. “Land of Rest” is a classic hymn that provides a European influence to the work, utilizing text by Fred Kaan and Annabel Buchanan and parts from the “Sacred Harp” hymnal. The final layer within the piece is a recitation of an excerpt of “A Prairie Prayer” by Hilton Greer, a native Texan who spent some time in Shreveport, LA. The combination leaves us with one thought… Lord, make ME a prairie!


Barbe High School Mixed Chorus :

Marianne Alexis, Anna Borel, Corey Breaux, Gabrielle Broussard, Erica Brown, Monica Buller, Michael Bushnell, Ryan Byrne, Emma Cagle, Avrie Celestine, Haley Click, Kaitlin Colby, Olivia Dean, Haley Dial, Aaron Eaglin, Valeria Faria, Alexis Fontenot, John Green, Joseph Groves, Norman Hairston, Madison Haley, Isabella Huber, Brooklyn James, Adriana Johnson, Mary Landry, John Laneve, Morgan Leday, Aiden Looney, Emma Looney, Reginal Marshall, Kaitlyn McSpadden, Misti Monroe, Grace Moreau, Madeline Myers, Alexis Peron, John Primeaux, Caitlyn Reeves, John Richards, Michelle Sanders, Lindsey Scimemi, Lexus Simmons, Hillary Simon, Bryan Smith, James Smith, Gavin Sonnier, Olivia Stevens, Tyler Welch, John Williams, Keona Williams, Kelsey Wilson, Austin Wolf, Michael Wolf, Trent Young, Zoey Young


Barbe High School Mixed Choir


LCCB Dancers:

Hannah Arabie, Stacie Driskell, Lauren Edwards, Cara Hanks, Grace Helms, Graceanne LaCombe, Clara Lang, Carmen LeJeune, Claudia Mayo, Abbie Grace Milligan, Lauren Reyes, Mary-Elizabeth Rosteet, Gabrielle Saucier, Sara Beth Stewart, Heather Vogel, Mallory Colletta, Trinity Foret, Emily Heskett, Leo Huber, Reem Husein, Gambrelle Ieyoub, Cagle Kaough, Claire Karriker, Jules LeJeune, Jillian Leleux, Sophia Lormand, Skylin Martin, Olivia Mayo, Oliver Mixon, Jaide Navarre, Aidan O’Neal, Marin O’Neal, Molly Ortego, Natalie Reinauer, Ann-Margaret Rosteet, Mackenzie Schornick, Arden Turner, Avery Wubben, Claire Basone, Sarah Blue, Gabbe DeMourelle, Anne Helms, Gabriell Little, Natalie Maggio, Meredith Owen, Sarah Richard, Cedric Long, Adam Richard, Danley Romero